USD 2023: Usenobong to win with popular ‘dthing’ mantra.


‘Dthing’ mantra: Everywhere you go, the hand with leaf (leaves) symbol indicates the logo of Young Progressives Party (YPP).

The ballot paper carries logos of political parties.

The logo of YPP is a hand holding bunch of leaves. A bunch of green leaves signifying success, growth, and progress.
Also, it signifies the success of Usenobong Akpabio, together with other YPP Candidates. The logo contains an outstretched (erect) hand with leaves, which Arch. Bishop Uwanta derived the ‘Dthing’ mantra for YPP’S campaigns.
‘Dthing’ mantra has driven home the point that upright people are set to take over governance in Akwa Ibom State. As the hand stands erect, ‘Dthing’, it is easy for everyone to identify the logo of YPP easily.
This writer imagines electorates at their Polling booths, remembering the ‘dthing’ mantra with a smile while voting for YPP, the party with the leaves logo.
The ‘dthing’ mantra is popular, as seen on campaign grounds, through the excitements expressed by the electorates.
As soon as the YPP logo is mentioned for description, everyone would begin to chorus ‘dthing’ with hand demonstration, ascertaining knowledge and understanding of the YPP’s logo by the electorates.
This puts Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio is in good stead to win. Discerning minds know that he has the capacity and the know-how in Legislative matters.
The YPP logo is known. Hence, YPP is consequential in the forthcoming elections in Akwa Ibom State. Not just because of the ‘dthing’ mantra.
Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio and YPP popularity and acceptance cuts across all segments of Akwa Ibom demographics and classes of people of knowledge. Uyo Senatorial District has embraced YPP because of the calibre of candidates, such as Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio.
Usenobong is a lawyer. As a lawyer and an accomplished State Constituency lawmaker. Who stood out in all ramifications to give Uruan State Constituency excellent representation, he is bound to do more at the Senate.
Just like the ‘dthing’ mantra is electrifying, so would the Senatorial representation of Usenobong stand; ‘dthing’, as the ‘dthing’ mantra goes.
His antecedents are ‘dthing’ excellently. As the ‘dthing’ mantra, his antecedents stand tall to speak for him.
His eloquence and ability to present issues logically, convincingly, and authoritatively are some of the substances he possesses that make him the best candidate for the Uyo Senatorial District. 
The Nigerians Decide opinion polls have placed him as the best to win, with the highest number of votes.
Given that majority of the voters on that Poll, who themselves are opinion leaders in their different spheres of life, have rooted for YPP’S Usenobong candidature to win on 25th February 2023.
Ain’t no stopping Usenobong Akpabio. He wins. The ‘dthing’ mantra wins. All goes ‘dthing’ on voting day.
Furthermore, famous politicians in Uyo Senatorial District who have a tremendous political following, such as Arch.
Bishop Uwanta, Sir Enefiok Ekefre, Obong Kingsley Peters, Bishop Samuel Samuel etc., are strong supporters and advocates for the choice of Usenobong Akpabio of YPP.
These and other famous politicians in Uyo Senatorial District are not ones to fail in an Election of this magnitude.
These famous politicians mentioned here, together with others not mentioned here for modesty, are strong opinion leaders with very large followers. The election is a game of numbers. Usenobong already has a majority in his favour.
Congratulations are in place for Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio, come on 25th February 2023. The proponent of the ‘dthing’ mantra, Arch. Bishop Andrew Uwanta deserves accolades for making it easy for electorates to familiarise themselves with the symbol of YPP at the polls.
Even as YPP did excellently well in their choice of the candidate for Uyo Senatorial District at the party primaries.
YPP would win in Uyo Senatorial District. No other candidate is near to enjoying the kind of goodwill, support and acceptance that Usenobong is enjoying ‘dthing’ from the electorates of Uyo Senatorial District.
There are testimonials of specific places, like Ibiono, Itu, Uyo, and Uruan, local government areas, where Usenobong went for campaigns but was told to take a bow, that Usenobong had had their support before his arrival.
It looks like it will be a landslide victory for Usenobong Akpabio.
Different communities already familiar with YPP and the ‘dthing’ mantra show massive support for Usenobong Akpabio. Hence, it is clear and confident that Usenobong is the winner of the Senatorial Seat of the Uyo Senatorial District. No doubts.
Those who wish to be associated with the champion are all rooting to vote for YPP’S Usenobong Akpabio. Some people love to win. Those voters are set to vote for YPP and be associated with the winner of the Uyo Senatorial District.
It is reasoned that if you already know ”eti mkpo urua’ (best material), why would you allow any form of sentiments to becloud your sense of judgement?
Especially when it is apparent that your ‘best material’ would bring you better dividends of democracy than your sentimental choice.
What justification would you then have not to save your future and pride and go for your best objective, which you already know as YPP’S Usenobong Akpabio?
Just like the YPP’S ‘dthing’ mantra is straight and erect with green leaves in the hand, promising fertility and progress. So is the win of Usenobong promises the best for Uyo Senatorial District.
Marvel Essien is Managing Director of Spring Resources Consulting Limited, a human resources and organisation development firm, writes from Mbiaya Uruan.


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