OBA promises a New Akwa Ibom, as governor at Obot Akara.

…Minimum of 50 kilometres of roads in Obot Akara
…Basic facilities within 1km radius
…Paramount ruler predicts his victory next year.
The governorship candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, CON, has promised a new Akwa Ibom state, where equity, justice and fairness will be the order of the day; just as the paramount ruler of Obot Akara, HRM Edidem Uwa Umo Adiaka, said despite all odds, he will be sworn in as  Governor on May 29, 2022.
Senator Akpan, popularly known as OBA, spoke in Obot Akara, on Day 8 of the YPP ward-to-ward governorship campaign,  to Nto Edino 2, 4 & Obot Akara 1-3 on November 18,2022.
He envisaged, “a new Akwa Ibom where nobody will be intimidated, where you criticize the government and no one holds it against you. A state where everyone will benefit from the government”, adding that he has great plans for Obot Akara in the Positive Impact Agenda.
OBA promised to activate  Operation Basic Amenities (OBA) to address the needs of the rural population in the areas of healthcare, education, and social services within 1kilometre radius, including the Nto Ndang – Nto Ekpe – Nkpo – Ntak Ikot Ebie Nse – Arochukwu, which has been abandoned for about 16 years.
The senator said: “We will award more than 50 kilometers of roads in Obot Akara. You will live to see the fulfilment of all this which you desired even since 2014″, he told the royal father and the people.
Aside from plans to empowerment women, youths  and small time farmers through cooperatives, the YPP government intends to establish Palm Oil Processing facility to enable them grow their income.
On dearth of health facilities in Obot Akara, he promised to ensure the  reactivation of the Health Centre in Nko, which was abandoned since 1999.
OBA also pledged to enhance the teacher-to-student/pupil ratio in public primary schools for more competitiveness. The figure currently stands at 136:1 for Obot Akara and 108:1 for the entire state, as against the national benchmark of 40:1.
Equally, the markets in the 3 clans – Okop Obon Ukwa, Obo and Editaha – are to be brought to standard, to positively engage the women.
Earlier, at the palace of the paramount ruler, Obot Akara LGA, OBA who was there to pay homage before proceeding to the campaign ground, complained against the intimidation of members of YPP, destruction of their billboards and deprivation of access to government facilities for the purpose of campaigns.
He commended the royal father for being a father for all. “You are a father in whom I’m well pleased and honour. You will not die, but live to see me be the Governor, so that your health can improve. I will not leave you behind, I will fly my Paramount Rulers out for treatment”.
Responding, the  paramount ruler said: “Something happened in Israel; Jesus was killed. Judas committed suicide. Someone was about to be used to replace Judas. Someone paraded himself as the one to replace him. James, Jesus’ brother said we should appoint he who knew Jesus”.
“Bible says they voted and it fell on Mathias and I pray God to do that wonder. Everyone has indicated interest, but about 29th May, 2023, let it be Bassey Albert. He believes that everyone should eat and be satisfied. OBA has touched many lives, and I pray that he succeeds”, the monarch said.
He acknowledged OBA’s competence, capacity and popularity: “There is no one who does not know OBA. He knows how to go about doing things. He has been doing good for everyone that comes his way. If we have a group of politicians and Bassey Albert is not there, that is not politics”.
He therefore advised the Senator not to respond to blackmails, since such cannot stop him. “I urge you not to fight no matter the provocations. It is just like going to the market.
If you go there with your goods, and people are fighting, you will not join the fight. We are at this point seeking to win, and you shall win”, he added.
Also speaking, the palace spokesman, Pastor Idorenyin Uwa Umo recalled how he benefited from OBA’s largesse some years back when he was an undergraduate in the University of Uyo.
“In 2011, I studied Philosophy in University of Uyo. We always went to Epic Plaza to do assignments. My friend had a laptop, and I asked him who gave him. He said OBA. I asked him how can I get mine.
He said write to OBA and he will give you. I wrote, and I was invited by a man named Moses. I received a brand new laptop with N40,000 from OBA, used it through out my first degree to Ph.D level”, he added.


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