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OBA Advises Youths To Be Progressives Minded

The governorship candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) in next year’s election, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, OBA has charged Akwa Ibom youths to be progressive-minded at all times.

At a meeting with the youths of Iman village in Etinan local government area, on Sunday 20th November, 2022, OBA advised them to be positively involved in  election of credible leaders next year, by ensuring that they vote for YPP candidates.
“You must be progressive-minded. I am progressive-minded. I left the bank to be a Commissioner, I am now a Senator, and soon I will be a Governor”, he said.
Senator OBA told them to produce a people-focused government, the youths should support YPP. “You must join the YPP. We know God is here, that is why in just a few months, we are progressing. The time for you to choose a government that will look into your welfare is 2023”.
OBA assured them that he is not just qualified to be the governor but will ensure that the youths are effectively, positively and gainfully engaged through the various well-thoughtout programmes like agriculture, sports, education, business grants and job creation.
“It is only the man that has passed through the wilderness who is the only one to take you through it. And that is me. I have moved, if you so desire, follow me”,he added.



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