Ikot Ekpene YPP Ward-to-ward Governorship campaign DaY 8


Ikot Ekpene to Become International Raffia Market

…Mbiaso Bridge; Uruk Uso – Ikot Abia Ossom and Spring Roads to be Constructed.
…YPP Govt  to Fight Hunger, Empower Women, Pay Bursaries to  Students, etc
Ikot Ekpene Local Government is soon to regain its lost glory,  as it is about to be repositioned to become a major international raffia market, where its mass products will be refined for exports.
As a major link to Aba, the commercial status of the raffia city, according to the governorship candidate of YPP, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan (OBA), will be enhanced to provide meaningful engagements and boost the state economy.
OBA, while addressing wards 7,10 & 11 in Ikot Ekpene on November 18, 2022, also promised to link the communities in wards 5 to 11 by constructing the long abandoned bridge there to service Amanyam, Ikot Abia Idem and Mbiaso.
He also promised them to fix the deplorable Uruk Uso – Ikot Abia Ossom Road as well as the Spring Road, to provide smooth access to Goretti Girls Secondary School.
The first Primary School in Anwa Udo Akai area in Ikot Ekpene, which has been completely vandalised and rendered unusable, will be refurbished and  put back to full effect by the YPP government.
Additionally, while stressing that he knows the value of education, having sponsored over 481 Akwa Ibom students through the university, OBA promised that the State Library in Ikot Ekpene,  which has been in a terrible condition for years will be rehabilitated.
While declaring  that the 2023 election will be “a competition between the choice of God and the choice of man”, he promised to check hunger and provide basic other amenities for the people.
“We move from ward-to-ward because I want to see how my people fare. I will challenge hunger, as I have come to you.
“YPP has come to change your sorrows.Operation Basic Amenities (OBA) means within one kilometer radius, there will be secondary school, primary school, and health center.
“Under our agricultural program, we will empower our women…Every village has women. I will ensure we empower women with funds, for their businesses”, he said.
OBA drew the voters’ attention to the past seven and a half years of starvation under the current government, charging them to ask the relevant questions, while he also promised them that his government will change things for the better.
The lawmaker said he was offered a bribe worth billions to bury his mission to serve the people, but he rejected because he was determined to rescue the masses from the mis-governance  of the current administration.
“They told me to come and take billions of naira and go back to Senate, I told them no. They kept money to come and buy you as we are about to have elections. Why have they not been giving  you since”?
Sir Emem Akpabio, Chairman of Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Council, while introducing OBA, said the people can no longer be deceived.
“I challenge them to tell the people why the Sheraton Hotel which has been completed since 2015 has not been opened till today. They said there is nothing in government, then let them quit for he who can perform to take over”, he said, charging  the youths to reject imposition but to vote competence in order to end hunger in the state.
Apostle Nyeneime Andy, Chairman of the YPP in Akwa Ibom State, in his speech, said that the party has set a trail by  campaigning from ward-to-ward. He later showed the people how to vote YPP in the next year’s elections, by the printing the second box from the bottom of the ballot paper.
The Director-General of Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Council, Pastor Sunny Ibuot, in his speech, poured encomiums on OBA for being an epitome of kindness, who believes that everyone should enjoy the dividends of good governance.
Earlier at the palace of the Paramount Ruler of Ikot Ekpene, HRM Okuku Okon Udo Ukut, the senator had received royal blessings, after paying homage to the traditional institution .


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