Ibom Jewels Compendium Versus Unical Over Alleged Sexual Harassment Scandal


In an open letter dated August 16, 2023, addressed to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar, the Ibom Jewels Compendium has called for swift action and a thorough investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against Prof. Cyril Ndifon, the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Representing the voices of Akwa Ibom women from around the world, Ibom Jewels Compendium, also known as Ibom Jewel’s Community (IJC), is a collective that champions the empowerment and protection of women and girls rights.

In their letter, they expressed concern and demand justice on behalf of the Law Students’ Association (LAWSA) and the university community.

The letter was jointly signed by Jewel Eme Atakpo, Jewel Alice Ivy Esin, and Jewel Barr. Eno-obong Akpan emphasizes the need for a fair and transparent investigation to preserve the university’s reputation and ensure the safety and well-being of its students.

The women of Ibom Jewels Compendium also highlighted their various ties to the university, some of whom graduated from the institution.

“We commend you, our role model, for committing to protect the ‘Hard Earned Reputation’ the University has built over the years,” the letter states. “We request you to ensure that justice is not only done, but manifestly seen to be done in this matter and implore you to leave no stone unturned in standing for what is true, fair, and right.”

The open letter emphasizes the importance of taking a strong stance against any form of harassment and underscores the responsibility of those in positions of power to protect the vulnerable.

Addressing the Vice-Chancellor directly, the letter urges her to display courage and determination in addressing the allegations and safeguarding the rights of female students.

As the University of Calabar now faces a pivotal moment in its handling of the allegations, the Ibom Jewels Compendium’s open letter serves as a reminder of the critical need for swift and decisive action to ensure the safety and dignity of all students.


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