ARISE Agenda: Ibom Industrial Park Allottees Risk Loss of Ownership


Allottees of the Ibom Industrial Park in Itam, Akwa Ibom State, might have to forfeit ownership of their space, following Governor Umo Eno’s order that all unoccupied and undeveloped plots in the Estate be revoked.

This was made known by the Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, Capt. Iniobong Ekong (Rtd) on Tuesday, August 2023, during a briefing held at the Conference Room of the Ministry.

According to the Commissioner, the Governor’s standing order followed his unscheduled visit to the Industrial Park the previous day, where he raised a number of observations, including the revoking of all unoccupied and undeveloped plots in the Industrial Estate.

“If you check critically into our terms of Grant of Occupancy either by Temporary Right of Occupancy or by Irrevocable Certificate of Occupancy or even by way of Power of Attorney, you’ll find out that there’s a minimum stipulated period you’re supposed to own a leasehold on land, prior to development”.

“And if within those period, the area is not developed, Government is at liberty to repossess their land and give it to whoever is ready to make proper use of these lands for the benefit of the the people and especially for the revenue generation profile of Government”, the Commissioner explained.

Lamenting the acquisition of investible lands and properties by politicians and privileged people in the society, the two-time Commissioner for Lands reasoned that if all Land were to be held as acquired possessions, nobody will have the opportunity of translating Lands to Offices, Factories, Workshops which would later become workplaces and points of engagement for industrial, commercial and economic activities that will further enhance the welfare and well-being of the people.

He therefore called on investors and industrial developers who are interested in the Industrial Estate to approach the Ministry of Lands from the next day.

“We will schedule you to have an interface with AKIICORP and you’ll present to them what you want to use the Land for. They…have the responsibility of understanding investment in it’s real terms; what is possible in the short, long and medium term. You’ll present your proposal and feasibility study to them and they’ll give you a letter of clearance to be given a specified space within the Estate”, he narrated.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner delightedly announced a steady progress in the development of the Dakkada Luxury Estate, informing that more innovations are being introduced to the Estate daily.

“We have committed intentions of 385 out of the 625 plots in the first Phase as we speak and plans are underway for the construction of more roads, drains, power, water, internet provision because it’s a smart Estate, gas as well as common services like Church, Supermarket Police Station and Fire Service.

“So, any of these 385 would-be owners is free to go to a plot that has been allocated and begin to do works in his own plot. The Estate is now 100% fenced with some roads completely constructed, he said, adding that the Ministry has a responsibility to develop the Estate in terms of sites, services, parcellation, and other utility provisions to make it attractive to compete and compare with any estate of it’s kind, anywhere in the world”.


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