2023: OBA Assures Supporters He’s Contesting On YPP


Senator Bassey Albert Akpan (OBA) has commended his teeming supporters for standing by him, despite the challenges towards the actualisation of the 2023 governorship movement to liberate Akwa Ibom State, assures them he will be contesting on YPP platform.

Their continued support, he  assured them,  will never be in vain, as he will stand election on the platform of YPP, for the benefit of Akwa Ibom people.

Addressing members of the local government coordinating committees of Akwa Ubok Abasi Campaign Organisation, OBA said, “it is not easy to believe in a cause, despite the turbulence”.

Assuring them that, “we are almost there”, the senator said “God has not abandoned His project”.

According to him, the the fact that his support base has not depleted but rather remains unshaken , shows that God is still in support of the project.

OBA reminded them that contrary to the opinion that he has no structure, the people actually form his structure, adding that it is the people that make the party and not the other way round.

He encouraged them to be joyful and hopeful for God’s plan will come to pass, assuring them that “it is the will of God that you will be part of the next government “.

OBA, who assured that he is on a mission to liberate Akwa Ibom people from social and economic hardship through positively impactful service, added that the only person that can stop him from being the next governor is God.

The senator, who recently decamped from PDP to YPP, said “I  have no business in politics, if I don’t impact on humanity”. He therefore  assured his supporters that none who contributes  to his emergence as governor will be left behind.

He decried the type of economic policy that deliberately impoverished the masses in the state, as a way of controlling their consciences with pittance during election period.

The Akwa Ibom State chairman of  YPP, Apostle Nnyenime Andy, who was the Special Guest, assured that power has left PDP to YPP, which has become the fastest growing party in the state.

Various speakers at the event assured OBA that 2023 election will be about individuals who have competence, pedigree and capacity, not about party.

They expressed happiness that the senator will be on the ballot, saying  there was a little apprehension about that possibility, at a time.

A motion by Rt Hon Asuquo Odiong and seconded by Eno Otu (a former PDP woman leader in Itu),  that all members Akwa Ubok Abasi should decamp en masse with the senator to YPP on the 30the of July, 2023.


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