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12 Wardrobe Essentials For Women In Fashion

With different fashion trends coming in and out of season, there are certain wardrobe essentials for women.
Every amazing woman need to have wardrobe essentials as the foundation of her dressing while styling them with the different trends of the season.

1. A Chic Blazer

Blazers can totally transform a simple outfit from casual to polish. Keep it simple in black, or go for a print or texture, like a check, pattern or plain, that is why it is one of the wardrobe essentials for women.
There are countless colors and styles to choose from, but before you purchase either of those, be sure to have that perfect-fitting classic one in your closet. This is one of the must have wardrobe essentials for women.

2. A Pair Of Comfy Sneakers

Opt for a unique pair of sneakers to dress up an athleisure outfit or dress down a weekend look.

Beautiful Sneaker for women
Beautiful Sneaker for women

3. Handbag

“A good-quality, well-lined , elegant bag is a must for every woman’s wardrobe.
Be it a clutch, leather shoulder bag, messenger bag, is key. Wear it all year, or put it away for a while and come back to it later. Adding a texture, like pebbled leather, will make your handbag more scratch-resistant and keep it from showing wear and tear.

One of the Wardrobe Essentials For Women
One of the Wardrobe Essentials For Women

4. Cushy Sweater

Every woman needs at least one perfect sweater in her wardrobe. It could be  lightweight sweater to work in fall, winter, and spring, and the color looks great with pretty much everything.

A must have in every woman's wardrobe
A must have in every woman’s wardrobe

5. Earrings:

This is one accessory that greatly accentuates the outfit of any woman. Ranging from studs, hoops, dangle, etc for a simple to a more classy and elegant look .

This pair completes your wardrobe
This pair completes your wardrobe

6. Black Pants

This is another important item as one of the wardrobe essentials for women in today’s society.
A good pair of black pants are a must. They can be used as a base for any outfit. Either as a go-to for work with a blouse, or you can dress them up with a camisole and heels for evening.

7. Pumps

Remember that comfort is key when choosing that perfect pair.
No girl in the world should go without a pair of wearable, classic, and simple black heels in their closet (others colours, patterns and styles can add up with time).
For a beginner, black is a sure win.
The key to looking classic and chic is staying poised, and believe me, I understand how impossible that is if your feet are killing you!

Wardrobe friendly for women
Wardrobe friendly for women

8. White Blouse

The right white button-down can pair well with anything, be it a pencil skirt, black skinny jeans, Dark washed blue jeans or an office-appropriate blazer.

White Blouse is Closet Friendly
White Blouse is Closet Friendly

9. An Elegant Black Dress

Having a trusty EBD in your closet is crucial for nailing gorgeous style.
Look for classic knee-length sleeveless sheath styles, Make sure it’s not too short and doesn’t show cleavage for the ultimate versatile piece.

10. Wristwatches

 However, when it comes to style and elegance, you do look incomplete without that watch on your hand say fashion experts. You can wear them for different events and occasions.

The following are the four types of ladies watches that a woman must have in her wardrobe:




*and Classic

A must have for women
A must have for women


11. A Chic White Gown

An absolute for work, interviews, or even just looking polished for a nice dinner anytime soon, a white dress shirt should be your new ultimate piece of clothing.If you want your white dress shirt to hold its shape through many washings remember to opt for quality and not quantity. It’s also a good idea to go up a size in anything cotton.

Every woman needs a white gown in her closet
Every woman needs a white gown in her closet

12. Classic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a huge yes! For a complete and perfect chic and cool look
Sunglasses trends seem to come and go with every season but there’s One style that’s actually withstood the test of time – the Ray-Ban.

Sunglasses is invaluable in every woman's wardrobe
Sunglasses is invaluable in every woman’s wardrobe



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